People / Bios

Richard J. Laureta, P.E.

In his 23 years of professional engineering experience, Mr. Laureta has participated in the design, project management, and construction coordination of private sector engineering projects, as well as city, county, state and federal rehabilitation projects. He has garnered an outstanding reputation in urban master planning and wastewater collection design and construction management. With his broad experience in civil engineering design and construction, it has given him the knowledge necessary to be an integral part of multi-disciplined teams in the planning. His experience and dedication to the profession allows him to be a contributor to the success of diverse engineering projects.

David C. Freyer, P.E.

Vice President
Mr. Freyer’s involvement in environmental engineering, urban civil engineering, and private land development has gained him the experience necessary to participate in multi-disciplined teams in the production of varied and complex civil engineering projects. Throughout his 43 years of professional engineering, he has participated in the design and construction management of numerous public and private sector engineering projects. David has also done extensive work in field surveying as well as preparation of tentative and final maps for various agencies and developers. Mr. Freyer’s experience allows him to be a successful contributor of engineering expertise and support on teaming efforts with other consulting firms.

Jeffrey J. Tarantino, P.E.

Vice President
During his 18 years of civil and environmental work, Mr. Tarantino has developed extensive experience in civil engineering design and construction. His work with clients throughout the Bay Area has helped to continue the growth of F&L. Mr. Tarantino serves as the primary point of contact with permitting and environmental resources agencies on behalf of clients to facilitate open dialogue with the agencies. He has demonstrated a unique ability to assist clients to bridge technical and non-technical challenges to deliver multi-beneficial projects within budget and on schedule.